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I have a fetish. I admit it. I like to eat cum and I love to eat what the body of a woman. It is partly the taste, some are on my tongue in my mouth, sometimes the smell tubezaur of sex and sweat. But above all is the idea that the tubezaur sperm must be able to start a new life. This danger is, what changes to eating a cream cake an enjoyable activity in an exciting event. Luckily, my wife loves Sally, probing my tongue around the delicious pink pussy. And she likes to tap it, too :-) Last month, spent a week in Europe. We run a small company that exported to the continent. This means that occasional sales trips. We tubezaur are not a large tubezaur company, so that the hotels are generally inexpensive. Located in the seedier parts of town. But that comes very well and Sally. One night in Amsterdam there was a hotel near the red light district. We take this opportunity to walk and visit some sex shops before entering a sex film. We chose was dark and smelled a bit dampand funky. But there was a fucked on the screen and the seat was not too crowded. We sat in the middle of a line and Sally lifted her skirt and started fucking with a dildo that had just bought. She was played in a nutshell, if a guy sat next to us and offerd her something that was a little more realistic. He opened it and pulled out a big dick a good wrinkled foreskin completely covers the head. Sally put her mouth on him and pushed him with his lips and tongue around swizzles, stiff him and get his pre -cum. Once I was in was very tight, Sally, moved to the left and sat on his cock. They fuck like that for about five minutes until he came in my pussy without protection. Sally is on the pill, so he fucks a foreigner who might be pregnant. Once he had achieved his semen inside her, she returned to her seat and knelt before her and took the semen that was the beginningA lick Ing was thick and white and warm. This was not the only burden I licked her that night. Also in this week. Fortunately, we still did not work and Dinky. But someday they will. I wonder who is the son : the mine or a stranger ? Is not it exciting ? Please let us know if you want to know more of our tubezaur stories
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